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Sewer hydrojet service
  • Cuts through roots

  • Lifts and removes grease

  • Scours organic materials from drains

Enjoy the benefits of hydrojetting

Is traditional snaking not getting rid of your plumbing blockage? Your drain needs expert repair help. Rely on us for affordable solutions. Sometimes, the lack of preventative maintenance or the presence of stubborn roots in your sewer lines makes it difficult to clean the pipes.


Our master plumber will use hydrojetting for tough clogs. Strong water pressure will remove nearly all debris, clean large blockages, and small buildup on pipe walls.


Hydrojetting is a long-lasting solution that will eliminate the number of service calls you have to make. It is a safe procedure to use for your pipes, as no chemicals are involved.


However, a previous root invasion could be a concern if it damages the pipe and its protective sock. Our knowledgeable master plumber will do a thorough assessment of the drainage pipe and will answer all your questions.

Effective sewer hydrojet services

Lone Star Plumbing & Backhoe Service offers quality hydrojet services. Are you worried about the tough buildup in your property's pipes and drains? Contact us today to take a look.

  • State-of-the-art-equipment

  • High-pressure water goes through specialty nozzles

  • Clears your drain stoppages - sludge, grime, and mineral deposits, obstructions in the field line

  • Restores pipes to full capacity

  • Combat blockages and grime

  • Small and large-scale work

Reasons to choose hydrojetting

An efficient and proven method

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